Alfie Boe – exciting album and Storytelller DVD news!

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Hot on the heels of news of Alfie Boe filming Mr Selfridge this week, comes Amazon UK’s listing of Alfie’s new album (not yet titled) to be released 4 November 2013.

We heard last week that Alfie has been recording this album in LA with Booker T Jones and Leland Sklar amongst others and now to know when this will be released – sheer joy!

Part of the fun in following Alfie is anticipating the upcoming events and appearances, chatting about what tracks can be expected on the album and in concert. Some say this detracts from the pleasure of listening to the end product but in my case, I can definitely say that anticipation is everything…can’t wait to listen to this album which will absolutely amazing I’m sure xx

Just when you think you can’t get more excited…you can pre-order the Storyteller Live at the Royal Albert Hall DVD on Amazon UK – release date December 2013


One thought on “Alfie Boe – exciting album and Storytelller DVD news!

  1. This is so exciting! Huffpost carrying your Alfie blog means nothing but better coverage for him here in the States–Hooray! Just in time for Trust’s release!!

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