Alfie Boe Fans – just a great big family

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Alfie is the youngest of nine children and is therefore part of a large and loving family.  However, he has also helped to create a large family for the (mostly) female fan base that follows him around from concert to concert.

Since attending my first Alfie event, I have been blessed by meeting so many like minded women, some of whom have become my dearest friends.  I know that if I go (by myself)  to an event where Alfie is appearing, I will find loads of friends who totally understand why I want to follow this amazing singer around.  I also know that they completely understand why I have suddenly felt the need to start writing a blog about him!

I have been lucky to meet Alfie a couple of times and he has always been gracious, warm and willing to spend time with fans.  I firmly believe that famous people get the fans they deserve – and Alfie’s fans are, for the most part, amazingly supportive, welcoming and friendly people. One of them has become a truly great friend and came all the way from Brisbane, Australia to see Alfie in concert. I know, isn’t that fantastic? Several of us told Alfie about it at various stage doors and I’m still not sure he believes that someone would fly half way round the world just to hear his fabulous voice live.
The video here was taken at Blackpool where I was in the company of some of these wonderful women and also had the privilege of meeting Mikey’s mum. Thank you to Nikki Lewis for sharing the video and to Cat Benson for allowing me to share with you


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