If I Can Dream…Alfie Boe in USA 2014!

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Yes, US fans of Alfie Boe can stop dreaming and start believing…Alfie has announced two concert dates for 2014. The Grove at Anaheim on 6 Feb and the Town Hall in NYC on 25 Feb (both sponsored through PBS) have been announced with more dates sure to follow.

The full list of dates can be found on Alfie’s official website:

[Alfie singing If I Can Dream at Blackpool Opera House, thanks to Linda Wellington]

Not surprisingly, this news has sent Alfie’s US fans into a frenzy, with one particular California based fan in what can only be described as an Alfie induced state of ecstasy.  Since Alfie first became a part of her life just over a year ago, it it safe to say that this fan’s one dream in life was to see Mr Alfie Boe live in concert.  Unfortunately, until this week, the dream seemed to be a dream too far so it’s understandable that the countdown has already started – 194 days at the last count!

Alfie’s fans are an amazing group of (mainly) women and I know that we are all really pleased that our California friend will have the chance to hear Alfie sing live and also get the chance to say hello in person.



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