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Alfie Boe fans are truly blessed at the moment – on 5th September Alfie performed at the Freddie for a Day event in London, organized by the Mercury Phoenix Trust. We knew next to nothing about what Alfie would sing at this event and were not particularly hopeful that we would find out anytime soon.  After all, Alfie performed at this event last year and no videos have emerged yet. The event came and went and a couple of details were tweeted; namely, that Alfie sang the Freddie Mercury / Montserrat Caballe duet “Barcelona” with soprano Laura Wright.  Again, we all wished for a video to appear from somewhere but didn’t really think it would happen.

Imagine our surprise and delight then when someone (whoever you are, a huge thank you from all Alfie fans everywhere) posted the following video on youtube.  I defy anyone to watch this and not be swept off their feet by Alfie and Laura!  Oh, and if anyone feels like sharing Alfie’s solo song (Love of my Life) please don’t be shy!!!


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