In Alfie Boe We Trust

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Excitement is mounting amongst Alfie Boe fans – the new album “Trust” is due out in November (UK release) and the man is teasing us no end with snippets of information about the content and style.  Take a look at the latest promo video, filmed when Alfie was home in Blackpool (yes, I know he’s from Fleetwood but it’s just next door!)

Now, the question Alfie asks is Who do you trust?  Most Alfie fans would say that we trust in Alfie to take them on a musical journey, taking in genres of music we aren’t necessarily familiar with but we love getting to know them through Mr Boe.  A lot would also say that we trust in our new found friends – found through our shared love of Alfie’s music.  I can vouch for this; this last week was my 40th birthday and I was privileged to be able to share the celebration with some fabulous friends I’ve made through Alfie (particularly twitter and Alfie’s fan site,

So thank you Alfie for the music and the fabulous friends you’ve helped me make – and Happy 40th Birthday on Sunday! xx

Trust is released November 11; pre-order on iTunes UK here:


One thought on “In Alfie Boe We Trust

  1. Happy Belated Birthday to you…love reading your posts even though I don’t comment often…so often you say so well exactly what I am thinking…love Alfie’s music and think he’s a great guy…will actually get to meet him in Feb…Anaheim, Chicago and Boston…as well as some of the great fans I’ve met through ABUK…Thanks for the posts…will continue to read faithfully

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