Hallelujah – Alfie Boe and his band showcase “Trust”

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Since I first heard the first snippets from Alfie Boe’s latest album “Trust” two tracks stood out for me: Rosie and Glory, Glory.  Upon hearing the full length versions for the first time when Trust was released in November, those two songs quickly became my favourites.  I defy anyone to sit still and not dance to Glory, Glory, in particular.  From talking to other fans, it was obvious that I was not alone in the opinion that those were the two tracks we wanted to hear live, above all others.  Well, it seems that good things happen to those who wait (in this case, we didn’t have to wait very long) as Alfie treated us to Rosie and Glory, Glory at the Huawei Winter Concert on 1 December.  Playing the entire second act, Alfie and his extremely talented band (Murray Gould, Matt White, Richard Causon et al) burst into Rosie first off before moving easily into the album title song.  Rosie was everything we ad hope it would be, a fabulously foot tapping gospel infused number.  On this evidence, Rosie will remain a favourite for the live shows for some time.  Once again, thank you to the lovely Linda Wellington for sharing the video

Glory, Glory rounded off the evening, before an encore of Forever Young, and in typical Alfie style, half the audience ended up dancing on the stage!  This really was glorious and we should all say Hallelujah for its inclusion on the album – absolutely loved it.  Another live show favourite for sure.

Other songs from the evening included Trust, Wayfaring Stranger, If You Go Away and Keep Me In Your Heart, all beautifully sung but the highlight for me (Rosie and Glory, Glory notwithstanding) was Dimming of the Day with Laura Wright.  Finishing off the first half in style, Alfie and Laura’s voices blended wonderfully to showcase this lovely song we first heard on the Storyteller tour earlier this year.  Laura performed throughout the first half with the London Philarmonic Orchestra and the Tiffin Boys Choir and was at times, breath taking.

Alfie is off on tour in America in January 2014 – fans are certainly in for a treat if Rosie and Glory Glory make it onto the set list.

Thank you for reading and Merry Christmas!




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