Happy Mother’s Day Alfie Boe Fans!

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As it’s Mothering Sunday (Mother’s Day) in the UK, thought I’d share a favourite video with you all from the Storyteller tour (again thanks to Lovely Linda Wellington).  This is Chitarra Romana in Blackpool (for those of you who haven’t seen this video before, Mikey is Alfie’s great nephew):

Then I thought, if this is one of my favourite videos, why not ask everyone else which is their favourite and the favourite will feature in a new blog post…soon!

This is my first poll, so hope it goes well!

Hope all the lovely mums who read and follow have a great Mother’s Day xx


7 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day Alfie Boe Fans!

  1. Love the poll. Can we vote more than once or is that why the name is requested? Please let us know the results. I’ll probably weaken and sign up for Poll daddy to get the results but just in case. On Mar 30, 2014 9:33 AM, “thoughtsofjustafan” wrote:

    > thoughtsofjustafan posted: “As it’s Mothering Sunday (Mother’s Day) in > the UK, thought I’d share a favourite video with you all from the > Storyteller tour (again thanks to Lovely Linda Wellington). This is > Chitarra Romana in Blackpool (for those of you who haven’t seen this video > be”

  2. Hard to pick an album. I’ve considered the Alfie YouTube of Recondita Armonia my favorite but now Barcelona w/Laura Wright and Don’t Stop Me Now w/Gary Barlow are right up there.

  3. Have I missed the chance to vote for the best video? Of course I’m going to say the Storyteller DVD from the Royal Albert Hall – anyone not bought it has got to get it for Easter! It’s so gorgeous. Might have to pick Wayfaring Stranger from any of the vids of the Storyteller tour with that extra fantastic verse. But look at that lovely photo from Carfest! Anything from either Carfest is fine with me – and remembering I voted for Trust any Dimming of the Day is fine… but if you do the Glasgow Proms do the double and add God Give Me Strength too. It is very hard to decide Jane!

  4. A number of years ago I tore a rotator cuff getting up from the floor. The next day I saw an orthopedic surgeon who told me I needed surgery. No surprise coming from a surgeon. My response was okay – fine. I had the surgery, went through pt and found out the surgery had failed. It had never occurred to me that the surgery could fail. I swore I would never again go into any medical procedure with inadequate knowledge. I bought a medical dictionary, researched the top doctors in rotator cuff surgery, printed their articles from the internet and struggled through reading them on vacation. I don’t know how much reading or research you did on breast cancer but I hope a lot. I really believe a patient should be in a position to challenge the doctor – make him defend his position as the best course to follow. The only way you can do it is if you know enough to really challenge him. There should not have been any surprises. With the glaucoma I did the same thing which wasn’t easy since a lot of the articles were by my doctor. When I did find other articles my doctor was usually footnoted. I did learn about the 2 different types of glaucoma surgery that exist and made my own decision on which one I wanted. The doctor preferred the other surgery and I understood why but after a series of discussions we went with mine even though insurance would only pay half his fee and I would not be responsible for the other half. The fee difference was not the reason for his preferring the other surgery. I don’t know how much research or reading you have done but I hope a lot.. the purpose of my little stories was to make the point that you have to be your own advocate. I don’t want to upset you but if you haven’t already questioned him on why he is suggesting one procedure over another you should be doing so. But you have to know the alternatives. You are probably tired physically from what you have been through and tired of medical treatments in general but it is something you should be doing for your own protection. You should never have been surprised. I feel as though I am lecturing you now. Did he at least explain why you have to have the additional treatments until March? Did you ask him what he thought the shadow on the thyroid could indicate? If not, it is not too late. Call him and ask him what he thinks it is and then research what he says. I’d also ask him why he feels the treatment after surgery is necessary. You shouldn’t just let him say something has to happen without asking for explanations and what alternatives may exist. See if you can find an e-mail address for him. That usually gets a better response because it is in writing. I’m sorry this is so long and I really, really hope I did not upset you. If there is anything I can do please let me know. Hamilton will be around into the new year. Hospital bills–oh, yeah! Next up, PET scan & surgery, then maintenance chemo until NEXT MARCH! He threw that at me as a surprise yesterday. Not happy. Plus a little gem that he hadn’t mentioned before, a shadow on the thyroid. So the PET scan will check that area, too. Hopefully the chemo I’ve just had might have attack that along with the main tumors. So, another month before I know more. Hamilton just isn’t in the cards.

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