Classical Wins the Day in Alfie Boe Poll

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p>The results are in from the poll and those of you who voted for classical won’t be surprised that it won by a country mile.  So, the next question is, which video is our favourite?

In this poll, I have chosen my favourite videos for you to choose from – if you have a different choice, please send in a comment!

The poll will be open for a week and then the winning video will be revealed so GET VOTING!

To help you decide:


One thought on “Classical Wins the Day in Alfie Boe Poll

  1. Well of course this is like trying to pick one favourite child out of the family. Impossible. But if the vote was for Classical then it’s between Thetford and the kitchen… And Pearl Fishers has to win because I was there when he sang this so beautifully Acapulco on stage though not at Thetford AND not only was it a fantastic summer of outdoor festivals that year he looked smashing in that white shirt….. Also at the time people said he sang it because I’d been posting that I’d love to hear it…. couldn’t really believe that but it was a very nice thought. Thanks Jane for adding them all on here… Will listen to them all again now

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