The Crazy World of Flo Bannigan

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crazy world of Flo Bannigan is an introduction to a multi talented young singer by the name of Flo Bannigan. Flo takes every opportunity she can to sing and perform and has just finished a run in a youth production of Cats where she was the youngest principal in the company, in the role of Jellylorum.  Her next project is a straight acting role in A Midsummer Night’s Dream.
I first became aware of Flo through her mum, Debbie, although it is Flo, rather than Debbie, who is the huge fan of Alfie Boe.  Actually,Flo is more a fan of Alfie’s classical repertoire but I don’t hold it against her…after all, the classical albums won the thoughtsofjustafan viewer vote for favourite video (click here for the results).
Anyway, Flo has been a fan of Alfie since she was tiny, loves his opera (favourite is La Boheme which links with her musical theatre obsession because she is a big fan of ‘Rent’), loves his musical theatre (Les Mis is another obsession and its a huge regret to her that she grew too tall to audition for the role of little Cosette, that’s what happens when your dad is 6ft 4!) but isn’t so fond of his more recent incarnations because – as she said – if she wants to go to see a rock band she’ll go to see a rock band. You can blame her dad for that too because he raised her on Pink Floyd and takes her to rock concerts – just last year she saw Bruce Springsteen at the Ricoh Arena and he also took her to see the Stones in Hyde Park.  So, accepting that she believes Storyteller to be a low point for Alfie, she enjoyed Trust much more and – as a singer songwriter herself – wants to encourage him to produce more original material and take a risk with his own writing too.  She is looking forward to his next album and hopes he includes more classical material. And she is also looking forward to seeing him on the next tour.
  One of the high points of Flo’s relationship with Alfie was when she sang ‘The Impossible Dream’ with him at Symphony Hall,          Alfie FloBirmingham. It was a thrill to be on stage with him but it was also a special night because she met another young singer, Beth Ford,   who was also asked to sing with Alfie. Beth is a little bit older than Flo and Flo was blown away by her pure, soprano tones. She has  been following Beth’s career ever since and when she wrote ‘If I Could Escape’ which is featured on her ‘Crazy World’ EP, she  imagined Beth singing the slow version of the song and hopes one day Beth will do so.  Luckily for us, we have video of Flo and Beth singing with Alfie at the Birmingham soundcheck.  Check out James Morgan and Alfie’s appreciation of the girls voices!
Flo has been interviewed twice on the Vic Minett show on BBC Radio Coventry and Warks and on both occasions Vic has chatted about the fact that Flo mentions Alfie as one of her biggest influences. Flo was dead chuffed when Vic arranged for Alfie to send a special message to her while he was on Vic’s show publicising Trust, especially because she hadn’t been able to get to a local signing as she had to go to school:
Now, as if all this wasn’t impressive enough, as the saying goes, you ain’t seen nothing yet!  As already mentioned, Flo is a singer songwriter and has just released her self penned EP, Crazy World (  This is a collection  of songs that she wrote and recorded last year and as she is changing all the time, the material she is writing at the moment (for the next EP, we hope!) sounds very different. if you visit Flo’s website, you can sign up for a free download of her most popular song, I’m Wide Awake – a must listen if you are a morning person!   Even better, she has her own record label, Angry Baby.
Some of you might well be asking at this point why she isn’t signed up to a major record label.  Well, the answer is that she is self-releasing them on her own label because she is far too young for anyone to want to sign her seriously and she doesn’t want to be signed as a ‘freak show’. Luckily for us, she just likes making music and enjoys sharing what she does.
For the future, Flo is keeping up her interest in classical music and has regular singing lessons to make sure her voice is properly trained. She knows she isn’t the finished article yet and – although girls voices don’t change like boys do – she is aware that she has a long way to go before her voice is fully developed.

Flo is a future star so go and check out her site!


4 thoughts on “The Crazy World of Flo Bannigan

  1. That’s lovely! I just showed it to Flo (we’re waiting for a Midsummer Nights Dream rehearsal to start – I’m chaperoning!!! She is dead chuffed that you wrote about her. 🙂

    Thanks for thinking about her


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