Blog Countdown Part 1: Top 5 Tips for Successful Blogging – Inspiration!

this blog has now moved!

check out the amazing new site – click the link and find all your favourite Alfie Boe posts!!


As we count down to the new website launch, I thought I’d share my top 5 tips for successful blogging – the first one is here but if you want to see the others, you’ll have to subscribe first!

My first tip might seem obvious but the first thing you need in a blog is INSPIRATION.  Like I said, it seems obvious but your blog won’t be successful unless you pick a subject that you like writing about, thinking about (and I mean, thinking about A LOT) and are passionate about.  It doesn’t matter if you think you can’t write and no one will read it; if you are passionate about your subject it will shine through and people who share your love will find you…after all, you’re all reading this blog, right?

So, what’s my inspiration?  Apart from Alfie Boe of course!  This is my little book of inspiration – literally I have my little book of Alfie with me to jot down ideas at any moment xx


One word of caution – if you do start a blog, it gets very addictive and it can end up taking over your life!  Of course, this might be just what you want…now I have a legitimate reason for thinking about Alfie… A LOT!

Tip no. 2 for successful blogging is – you’ll have to subscribe to find out – go on, you know you want to xx


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