How Well Do You Know Alfie Boe – Part 2!

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So, how did you do on yesterday’s quiz?  Are you an Alfie expert or do you need to study some more – such a hardship!!!

Here are the answers:

  1. According to the first line of Alfie’s book, My Story, which compose nearly killed him? A: Bizet, The Pearl Fishers, ENO
  2. What breed of dog is Alfie’s dog, Guinness? A: Golden retriever
  3. How many brothers and sisters does Alfie have and what are all their names? A: 8 (John, Joe, Anne, Maria, Teresa, Michael, Pauline, Fran)
  4. Which musical instrument did Alfie want, but the record company didn’t on La Passione? A: accordion – do you think we’ll hear it on the new Italian album?
  5. On which drama soundtrack does Alfie perform two songs: A: Downton Abbey
  6. Who did Alfie duet with on the Team GB song, One Vision? A: Kimberley Walsh
  7. Before Alfie’s first performance with Lottie Dawson’s Musical Society, he was apparently so nervous he was sick! What song did he sing? A: Do You Hear The People Sing, Les Mis
  8. Which character did Alfie play in ENO’s The Mikado? A: Nanki-Poo
  9. Alfie played Rodolfo in La Boheme in 2009 and 2011; which two sopranos played Mimi? A: Melody Miller and Elizabeth Llewellyn
  10. What song did Alfie sing for his first D’oyly Carte audition? A: You Are My Hearts Delight



As a well done treat, here is an old clip of Alfie performing songs from La Passione:



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