Alfie Boe Bio

Alfie Boe was famously discovered singing in the TVR factory as a teenager. After successfully auditioning for the D’oyly Carte opera company, Alfie then went on to train at the Royal College of Music in London. A stint at the Vilar Young Artist Programme at the Royal Opera House followed, before the bright lights of La Boheme on Broadway beckoned.

Alfie then spent the next few years learning his craft as a young tenor, notably appearing with ENO several times. Stand out roles included Rodolfo (twice) in Jonathan Miller’s production and Mikado, again with Jonathan Miller.

Meanwhile, Alfie had been attempting to find a new audience by releasing a number of classical albums :Classic FM introduces (2006), Onward (2007), La Passione (2007), Love was a Dream (2009).

However, the opera life did not always go to plan and in 2011 Alfie appeared as Jean ValJean in the 25th anniversary concert of Les Miserables. The rapturous audience response ensured that Alfie was quickly on his way to reaching a whole new audience. Two bestselling albums (Bring Him Home, 2011 and Alfie, 2011) swiftly followed. Alfie also showed he is a consummate performer and a work alcoholic with two UK tours and two US tours in short succession.

Storyteller, released in November 2012 and took Alfie in a different direction, showcasing a combination of popular classics and American folk / gospel sounds. The last three tracks of that album paved the way for the sound of Trust, Alfie’s latest album which was released in November 2013 (April 2014 in America). Trust has a soulful, almost spiritual feel in some tracks and has Alfie’s first original song “Trust”.

The Trust tour is scheduled for November / December 2014.

Alfie’s fan site:

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One thought on “Alfie Boe Bio

  1. Hi Jane, I like Alfie I live Clitheroe not far from his hometown of Fleetwood!
    Local lad fone good, I do all things IL Divo and horse racing on my blog “wheels of Laughter” and I have a share in a racehorse called Doyly Carte!!!

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